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Strategy focus

LFIS’ “Perspective” strategy is a differentiated multi-asset approach. With a focus on European equity and bond markets, we seek to extract income from a broader range of market scenarios using liquid index-based instruments for enhanced liquidity and reduced idiosyncratic risk.

Perspective invests primarily in European investment grade credit and equity markets. Where the strategy differs from traditional multi-asset funds is in the way it achieves this exposure. Specifically, Perspective seeks to capture the insurance premia embedded in these asset classes. The insurance premium is the structural spread (or premia) between the medium-term worst-case scenarios priced into market instruments and the actual probability of these scenarios materializing. This approach gives Perspective a natural “contrarian” bias, with equity beta mechanically increasing when markets fall and decreasing when markets rise.

Edouard LB

“Perspective is a strategy we have been running since 2013. Our approach brings together the best of LFIS’ expertise in derivatives, credit and quant investing to extract income from traditional asset classes.”

Deputy Chief Investment Officer