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Dedicated Solutions

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Each mandate is tailored to the client’s specific objectives and constraints.

Existing Expertise

LFIS’ commingled funds can be deployed in dedicated fund or managed account formats tailored to each client’s risk appetite and investment objectives.

Single Strategy / Carve out of a specific expertise

Solutions focused on one or a limited number of specific LFIS’ expertise to complement a client’s existing portfolio exposure.

Tail Hedging

LFIS’ approach favors cost-effective solutions that balance protection against the dominant risk in a portfolio with long-run returns.

       QIS Advisory

Navigating the complex world of Quantitative Investment Strategies require specific expertise and tools. Having developed a strong knowledge of systematic strategies, LFIS can help investors in selecting and allocating between a certain number of QIS.

Structured investments for bespoke solutions


       A range of sophisticated solutions for tailor-made strategies

Structured products offer tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific needs of investors in all market environments. Where traditional allocations struggle to take full advantage of these environments, structured products prove to be tools that can be configured for any type of context and investor profile.

       The challenge of structured products

Building and managing a portfolio of structured products is difficult, even for investment professionals. The formulas, underlyings and maturities of these products often vary, reflecting market conditions and the implied parameters at the time of their creation.

       Managing such a portfolio requires 2 types of expertise:

Product specialists: They deal with the formula, valuation, modelling, execution, issuer relations, risk monitoring and documentation.

“Non-linear” cross-asset management experts: Their role is to combine, analyze and monitor the risks of a cross-asset portfolio, particularly those involving derivatives.

       LFIS Capital (LFIS): Experience and technology for structured products

LFIS brings together experienced teams in SELL SIDE (designing structured products) and BUY SIDE (buying structured products for actively managed portfolios). These teams are supported by an advanced technology platform to meet the challenges of risk modelling and monitoring.

Through the development of a dedicated in-house platform which offers analysis tools tailored to each investor profile, we make possible to

      • Obtain an accurate picture of the portfolio’s valuation while taking into account different market shocks.
      • Anticipate different risk scenarios.
      • Project coupons and portfolio returns according to several market scenarios.
      • Monitor the distance to the barrier and the risk associated with each stage of analysis, depending on the market scenarios predicted.