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Strategy focus

LFIS’ alternative premia strategies take a multi-strategy, multi-asset approach, using a risk premia framework to select strategies, allocate efficiently and manage risk.

A premia approach is an innovative alternative to traditional asset allocation strategies. Premia are embedded in all asset classes and reward investors for taking specific market risks. LFIS’ approach seeks to combine a maximum number of decorrelated premia to deliver long-term absolute returns.

The LFIS premia team combines complementary expertise in asset management and investment banking, and implements the strategy through a robust operational network to ensure access to a broad range of premia and efficient execution.

LFIS’ premia expertise is available through commingled funds, dedicated funds and managed accounts. Dedicated solutions can be tailored to each client’s specifications including in terms of strategy exposure and integration of ESG criteria.


“LFIS’ premia strategies go beyond traditional academic premia to capture the broad range of investable risk and style premia with a cross asset approach.”

Guillaume DUPIN
Head of Absolute Return Strategies