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Website General Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Nature of the Website

This website (the “Website”) is the portal of LFIS . Its purpose is purely to provide information about the various activities, products, business lines, areas of expertise, and news about LFIS.

The information contained on the Website does not constitute an offer of products or services that could under any circumstances be interpreted as a public issue of securities, an invitation to purchase, investment advice, an investment or arbitrage proposal or any invitation whatsoever to operate on the financial markets.

2. Applicable law and restrictions arising from different legal systems

The Website and these general terms and conditions (the “General terms and Conditions”) are subject to French law, and the jurisdiction of the Paris courts. However, to make it easier to access them, the Website and its General Terms and Conditions have been translated from French into a number of different languages. It is specified that in the event that there are divergences between the translation or interpretation of different versions, the French version shall prevail over all others.

Those who access, visit and /or use the Website and the information presented on it should ensure that this is permissible under the law of their own country. If not, they should refrain from accessing or visiting the Website and/or using the information presented on it.

In the event of any inconsistency between these General Terms and Conditions and the French version, the French version shall prevail.

3. Scope of the Website 

The Website presents the various activities, products, business lines, areas of expertise of, and news about LFIS, and contains links to the websites of various La Française Group entities.

4. Selection of visitor profile and status

When you visit this Website or the website of a company in LFIS, depending on which pages are visited, you may be asked to choose a visitor profile (institutional/ corporate, wealth management professional or private individual). The purpose is to present you with the range of products and services best suited to meet the needs of your declared client category, as per the EU MIFID Directive. The information and documents available for consultation differ depending on whether the status declared is professional or non-professional.

In any event, you are responsible for your choice of profile and status. LFIS can be held liable for any use of information which does not correspond to your actual status.

5. Notice regarding the products and services presented on the Website 

You are reminded that the Website does not permit any subscription or transaction whatsoever involving the products and services presented.

As a general rule, prior to any transaction, clients are advised to check whether the transaction is appropriate for them in view of their assets, their financial, tax and legal situation and their investment goals. Clients are also encouraged to obtain advice from their usual advisers. Furthermore, potential investors must make themselves aware of the prospectus and more generally the regulatory information for the product in question, available either on this website, another La Française Group website or from LFIS’ offices.

6. Money laundering and counter-terrorism

LFIS draws the attention of all visitors to the Website that prior to any subscription in a product or service presented on this Website, a documentation establishing the identity of the subscriber will be requested, in accordance with legislation on money laundering, financing of terrorism and other relevant regulation.

7. Performance of financial products - Data presented on the Website

Past performance can vary over time and cannot be a predictor of future performance. Income from investments can fluctuate. The price and value of the investments on which the reports are directly or indirectly based, may increase or decrease to the benefit or detriment of investors.

Moreover, the data provided on the Website are purely for information. LFIS may not be held liable, either directly or indirectly, for any consequences of the use of any information on the Website.

8. Protection of personal data and Cookies

To find out more about the collection and processing of personal data and our use of cookies, please consult our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

9. Intellectual property

The Website (form and content) i.e.: 

            (i)    all documents (text, photographs, graphics etc.) constituting or embedded in its pages,

            (ii)    all distinctive signs (trademark, photos, logos etc., are the exclusive property of the LFIS, or as appropriate, for certain information, the property of third parties which have authorised the LFIS to use it on the Website..

10. Group liability 

LFIS makes every effort to ensure that information available on the Website is accurate. LFIS does not offer any guarantee, either express or tacit, concerning the content of the Website. Moreover, LFIS offers no guarantee relating to the relevance, updating or comprehensiveness of the information published on the Website or its relevance to the needs of users. 

LFIS reserves the right to change the content or presentation of the Website, at any time and without prior notice. However, LFIS cannot guarantee that the Website has not been modified by a third party (intrusion, viruses etc.). 

Moreover, LFIS accepts no responsibility (direct or indirect) including in the event of any delay, error or omission, for the content of these pages and the use which anyone may make of them. The same applies in the event of interruption or unavailability of the service.

Under no circumstances shall LFIS be held liable in any way whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the Website and in particular the information provided. The information on the Website may not be reproduced in full or in part, or disseminated or distributed to third parties, without prior written authorisation from LFIS.

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