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Identifying Relative Value in Credit Market Dislocations


In a credit market in transition, LFIS looks at trading strategies that combine performance potential and downside protection.

LFIS’ Head of Credit Strategies, Renaud Champion, looks at the current state of play in credit markets and outlines relative value strategies that take advantage of remaining dislocations.  Learn about LFIS approach to investment grade versus high yield credit, opportunities in credit curves and basis trades for a long term approach that stands to complement long credit exposure.

Unless otherwise stated, all information and views expressed are those of LFIS as of February 2018 and are subject to change.  There can be no assurance that strategies will perform in line with expectations.  This promotional document is for professional, institutional and/or qualified investors only and does not constitute, on LFIS’ part, an offer, solicitation, invitation to buy or sell, or investment advice regarding any vehicle, which may be managed and/or advised by LFIS and/or any security or financial instrument mentioned herein, or to participate in any investment strategy directly or indirectly.

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