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Groupe La Française Policies & Reports

For policies applicable to all companies of the Groupe La Française, including LFIS, please consult the section "Groupe La Française" of the Regulatory Information of  the Groupe La Française website. Please note that LFIS, given its particular investment solutions and alternative portfolio management activity has, in some cases, developed specific policies adapted to its activity and complementary to that of the Groupe La Française. These policies are available below. 

LFIS Policies & Reports

Best Selection and Best Execution Policy

To consult the Best Selection and Best Execution policy of LFIS, click here

Intermediary Fee Report

To consult the Intermediary Fee report of LFIS, click here.

Conflict of Interest Management Policy

To consult the Conflict of Interest Management policy  of LFIS, click here

Remuneration Policy

To consult the Remuneration policy of LFIS, click here

Voting Policy

To consult the Voting policy of LFIS, click here.

ESG/SRI Policy

To consult the ESG/SRI policy of LFIS, click here.




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