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LFIS’ Luc Dumontier joins the editorial board of the Journal of Systematic Investing


The Journal of Systematic Investing (JSI), launched by EQDerivatives, will gather and disseminate the latest academic and practitioner research in the space of systematic investing.

New opportunities sourced through innovative systematic solutions have arisen in recent years driven by changes in liquidity and market structure, regulation, the emergence of technology, among other factors. Furthermore, the performance of the traditional 60% equities and 40% bonds portfolio is being questioned, and with interest rates at a floor in many of the world’s nations and equity valuations remaining high, institutional investors are increasingly exploring new and novel systematic solutions across asset classes and market  to capture specific trends, source alpha and diversify portfolios.

The JSI editorial board is comprised of 50 leading academics and industry practitioners considered as leaders and innovators in systematic investing.

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