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LFIS in Citywire on “Perspective” – a new take on multi-asset investing


LFIS’ Head of Fund Solutions Edouard Laurent-Bellue discusses LFIS’ innovative total return, multi-asset approach.

Perspective is a strategy LFIS has been running since 2013.  Perspective invests in traditional asset classes, specifically European equities and high-grade credit, but does so differently.  LFIS emphasizes finding the best way to be exposed to these traditional asset classes using simple, liquid derivatives strategies and instruments.  This primary allocation is complemented by diversifying strategies that leverage on LFIS’ credit and premia expertise and go beyond interest rate exposure, a traditional diversifier for multi-asset funds.  The result is a liquid strategy with enhanced exposure to traditional asset classes, simple risk parameters and reduced idiosyncratic risk.

We believe Perspective’s focus on delivering total returns with some beta capture and downside protection is a good match with European equity markets increasingly characterized by rangy, erratic performance. (1)

To access the full article, click here.

For more information on LFIS’ Perspective approach, click here.

(1) There can be no assurance or guarantee that the strategy will deliver on its investment strategy and targeted performance objective.  This promotional message does not constitute, on LFIS’ part, an offer, a solicitation, an invitation to buy or sell, or investment advice regarding any vehicle, which may be managed and/or advised by LFIS and/or any security or financial instrument mentioned herein, or to participate in any investment strategy directly or indirectly.


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