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LFIS Among the Speakers at QuantMinds International 2019 in Vienna


LFIS’ Head of Quantitative Research and Development, Guillaume Garchery and SESAMm CEO, Sylvain Forté co-presented a case study based on the firms’ joint work at this leading quant industry conference.

Entitled “From Emotions to Decisions,” LFIS and SESAMm spoke about their work to build a framework to mine and extract the value from an increasing volume of data sets.  The project explored how to go from signals to actual trading strategies including using a machine learning framework for natural language processing (NLP) time-series analysis to guide investment decisions.


QuantMinds International events bring together global quant experts from banks, buy-side, regulators, Silicon Valley and academia to examine the many facets of quant investing over a one week period.


For more information on the event, click here.


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