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LFIS’ “Perspective” strategy is a differentiated multi-asset approach. With a focus on European equity and bond markets, we seek to extract income from a broader range of market scenarios using liquid index-based instruments for enhanced liquidity and reduced idiosyncratic risk.

A Different Take on Multi-Asset Investing

Perspective is a strategy we have been running since 2013. Our approach brings together the best of LFIS’ expertise in derivatives, credit and quant investing to extract income from traditional asset classes.

Edouard Laurent-Bellue – Head of Multi-Asset and Fund Solutions

LFIS’ Perspective strategy invests equity and bond markets and leverages on LFIS’ derivatives expertise to extract income from a wide range of asset classes and market scenarios, including intermediary market scenarios on equities.  LFIS’ approach emphasizes diversification across instruments and asset classes for limited idiosyncratic risk and is characterized by liquid underlying instruments, simple understandable risks and a risk-based allocation framework.

The strategy is implemented by LFIS’ experienced Multi-Asset and Fund Solutions team, which includes experts in derivative-based fund strategies and is available in a UCITS format. 

Information regarding LFIS’ personnel are provided for information purpose only. These persons may not continue to be employed by LFIS and may not continue to perform services for LFIS.

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