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LFIS takes a multi-strategy, multi-asset approach to alternative credit investing. Our systematic, value-driven approach positions us to capture dislocations and inefficiencies across the range of credit markets and instruments while limiting duration.  

Credit Investing at LFIS

Since the 2008 crisis, investors have enjoyed healthy returns from credit markets overall. As markets normalize, there will be episodes of higher volatility and defaults will eventually begin to rise. In this context, it is important to have a flexible, multi-strategy approach and a relative-value emphasis for performance potential going forward.

Renaud Champion – Head of Credit Strategies

LFIS’ alternative credit strategies go beyond traditional credit investing to access the range of credit strategies and assets including cash, credit derivatives and structured credit instruments.  Using a systematic approach with strict value criteria, LFIS seeks to capture opportunities linked to persistent inefficiencies and dislocations in credit markets including those arising from increased regulation, capital constraints and central bank intervention. LFIS emphasizes a relative value approach to extract alpha while seeking to limit duration.  

LFIS’ Credit Strategies team leverages on complementary backgrounds in asset management, research and investment banking and 20 years of experience investing across cash, structured and derivative credit markets (on average).  LFIS’ comprehensive capital markets infrastructure allows the team to compare cash and synthetic instruments across the range of credit markets, instruments and geographies and to implement and risk manage the resulting opportunities.

LFIS’ credit expertise has been widely recognized by the industry including through awards from leading alternative investment media(1).  Our strategies are accessible in both UCITS and AIFMD fund formats.


(1) The references to league tables and award are not an indicator of the future places in league tables or awards. Information contained in this document may be updated from time to time. Information contained herein may vary from previous or future published versions of this document.

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